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In any workplace, you should be able to do your job and with exception for the normal challenges of any career, you should not have to deal with any real barriers. Sadly, harassment is not a thing of the past and still occurs in many workplaces around the country. Fortunately, you are protected under the law from harassment based on certain protected classes, such as gender or race. At Stephens Reed & Armstrong, PLLC, our Houston workplace harassment lawyers work with employees like yourself to put an end to harassment.

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What Is Workplace Harassment?

If you believe that you have experienced any form of harassment in the workplace, you may be concerned about the effects of reporting. Many employees fear retaliation, such as being fired or demoted, if they come forward and report harassment or claim to be working in a hostile work environment. However, you should never feel obligated to continue working in a hostile work environment where illegal harassment has taken place.

Workplace harassment is harassment based on:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation

How Do I Report Workplace Harassment In Texas?

To report workplace harassment in Texas, you can take the following steps:

  • Review your employer's policies: Get familiar with your employer's policies and procedures regarding reporting harassment. Employers are typically required to have a policy in place that outlines the process for reporting and addressing harassment incidents. It may specify the person or department to whom you should report the harassment.
  • Document the incidents: Keep a detailed record of the harassment incidents, including dates, times, locations, individuals involved, and descriptions of what occurred. Include any witnesses, if applicable. This documentation can be crucial in supporting your claim and providing evidence later if needed.
  • Report the harassment to your employer: Follow your employer's reporting procedures and report the harassment to the appropriate person or department designated in the company's policies. This may be a supervisor, manager, human resources representative, or another designated individual. Submit a written complaint if required or recommended, and keep a copy for your records.
  • Provide sufficient information: When reporting the harassment, be clear and specific about the nature of the incidents, the individuals involved, and any witnesses or supporting evidence you have. Include relevant details that can help your employer thoroughly investigate the matter.
  • Cooperate in the investigation: If your employer initiates an investigation into your complaint, be cooperative and provide any additional information or documentation that may be requested. Respond promptly to any inquiries or interviews related to the investigation.
  • Seek an experienced attorney: If your employer fails to adequately address the harassment or retaliates against you for reporting, it may be necessary to seek legal advice from a skilled Houston employment attorney at . Our lawyers have years of experience in employment law and know how to guide you through the process, protect your rights, and help you explore legal remedies if needed.

Remember, reporting harassment quickly is crucial because some legal protections require timely reporting. By taking these steps soon after experiencing harassment at the workplace, you can initiate the process of addressing it and work towards a resolution.For sound legal advice, do not hesitate to reach out to a harassment lawyer in Houston at Stephens Reed & Armstrong, PLLC as soon as possible.

Hire a Houston Workplace Harassment Lawyer

Working in an environment in which you are being harassed can be nearly impossible and take a toll on your well-being. Depending on the circumstances of the workplace harassment you have been subject to, you may have grounds for a legal claim. At Stephens Reed & Armstrong, PLLC, we work to investigate your case and use our extensive legal knowledge to determine your options. You can rely on our Houston workplace harassment lawyers to present your evidence in the clearest manner possible to help prove your claim and seek maximum compensation.

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